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Gulf Hagas & The Hermitage

Gulf HagasGulf Hagas is located on the West Branch of the Pleasant River at Gulf Hagas Brook and is listed on the Nation Registry of Landmarks.

Appropriately nicknamed The Grand Canyon of Maine, this magnificent gorge is nearly 4 miles long, displaying vertical slate walls 300' to 400' deep. The west branch of the Pleasant River drops some 400' in this distance, creating numerous waterfalls, chutes, and pools. The falls are particularly spectacular during the spring runoff. This is also a must trip in the fall during the peak of the foliage season. The summer offers tempting swimming holes under the waterfalls. This is a spectacular gorge and is a highly recommend hiking trip. The gorge and adjacent land has recently been purchased by the National Park Service.

The Hermitage (a majestic stand of towering white king pine) was declared a registered National Landmark in 1968. This land is now owned by the Nature Conservancy. Directions: From Greenville, take Pleasant Street uphill toward the airport. Continue for approximately 2 miles. At this point, the road makes a sharp turn around the end of the runway. Continue on a dirt road past Moosehead Farms, past Rum Ridge For approximately 8 miles, where you will come to the Hedgehog Checkpoint gate. Pay a fee. Time: Allow 6 - 8 hours for the hike, which includes a loop trail of approximately 8. 5 miles.

To continue to The Hermitage entails a round trip of 11.5 miles and requires about 8 hours. If you do not wish to hike to the entire trail, the head of the Gulf can be reached by -hiking only 1 mile from the trailhead. The Appalachian Trial passes through the Gulf. Going to Gulf Hagas offers a day trip with spectacular scenery!

Gulf Hagas
Photo by Barry Scott-Hall

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