Chamber of Commerce

Five New Members Join Chamber
The Southern Piscataquis County Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome five new members to our Chamber

Sun Porch Studio Two: Sharon O'Connell of Guilford operates this stained glass studio.

Maine Property Management & Sales INC: Gary Black of Milo will operate this new business in Milo.

Awards Signage & Trophies: Bob Dion JR operates Awards, Signage & Trophies, Bob's Business in located in Brewer.

James Macomber's Maine Best: This web design and Internet business is located in Dover-Foxcroft & Milo.

Northern Farm: Jayne Lello of Sebec will be offering visitors an opportunity to rent a farmhouse for their vacations.

The Southern Piscataquis County Chamber of Commerce goal for 2002 will be to have its entire members web sites linked to the Chamber site at

If you would like to have a free chamber link, e-mail me at Dennis

SPCCC Board Votes to Increase Chamber Dues For 2002
The Southern Piscataquis County Board of Directors in reviewing the 2002 Chamber budget voted at it December Board meeting to increase chamber dues by $10 per member.

The SPCCC has not had a dues increase for the last the seven years. In that time the Chamber has added many new programs including a web site.

Executive Director Dennis Lyford explained that in 2001 alone, the chamber instituted the following new programs and actives

  • Membership in the Penquis Tourism coalition (cost $1.600.00) The Coalition will produce a regional 16 page color brochure in 2002.
  • Created the Piscataquis Sleddog Race.
  • Introduced a new color flyer for the Region.
  • Updated the Chamber web site.
  • Organized the Penquis Valley Entrepreneurs Association.
  • Help organize The I st Annual Penquis Valley Old Fashion Christmas.
  • Sponsored The How to Recruit and Retain Good Employees Breakfast.
  • Served as a member of on the steering committee for the Penquis Leadership Institute.
  • Received a $5.000.00 Community Capacity Building Grant
For a list of Chamber actives & programs see the inside of this newsletter.

The Maine Highlands Regional Brochure Due in January
The Penquis Tourism Coalition announced Plans to introduce a regional 16 page color brochure for Piscataquis and Penobscot counties entitled " Welcome to the Maine Highlands" the brochure will published in January 2002.

The brochure will kick off the Coalitions The Maine Highlands campaign. The campaign is designed to market the two county region to out of state visitors under the name of The Maine Highlands

The campaign will also include a toll free number and a region mail packet program

The SPCCC and other regional organizations pay membership dues to the coalition. The coalition used these dues to help cover the cost of developing the brochure.

You're invited - to join a group dental insurance program
Who: Members of their local Chamber of Commerce and the Maine State Chamber of Commerce, including sole proprietors.

What: A choice of two group dental plans from Patriot Mutual Insurance Company

  • Basic -preventive and diagnostic services as well as minor restorative procedures
  • Premier - full range of dental benefits plus orthodontic coverage for children up to age 19

Why: Affordable. Quality services. And if you visit a participating provider, you'll be protected from balance billing.

RSVP: Contact your insurance broker or call Patriot Mutual Insurance Company at 1-800-491-7336.

2002 Snowmobile Map
Milo Snowmobile Bridge and Katahdin Iron Works Featured in Chamber Map
The 2002 snowmobile map due out in middle to late January will feature a photo of the famous Katadhin Iron Works on its cover.

The new expanded chamber map will also have a photo of the longest snowmobile bridge in Maine located in Milo.

Electricity, dental, and credit card processing among key benefits
Since its inception with WPS Energy Services, Inc., the electricity aggregation program has provided discounts to 105 Maine businesses.

Initially, the discounts offered were in the single digits, but more recently the discount offered to medium-sized businesses from the CMP standard rate offer was up to 33 percent. This is a program that has been praised and appreciated by many business members.

The dental insurance plan became effective in September 2001. This program is a very credible program that will benefit your business members.

At its November meeting, the Alliance of Maine Chambers Advisory Committee met, voted to recommend a discount credit card processing program to be implemented. This program, offered by First of Omaha Merchant Processing, will provide business members with a very low credit card processing rate. More information on this program will be provided at a later date.

Maine Career Advantage
What is Maine Career Advantage?
Maine Career Advantage is a unique business opportunity. By sponsoring an intern, you can help prepare your business, as well as students in your community, for a successful future. It is also an investment in the future of Maine. Our schools alone cannot give our youth all of the skills they'll need to succeed. Businesses can enhance an intern's education with solid training and mentoring. Together, we can ensure a better, brighter future for Maine.

What is an internship?
An internship is a supervised training experience. Internships are highly structured learning experiences designed to give the intern a solid foundation of professional skills and knowledge.

What's in it for YOUR BUSINESS?

  • Students learn your industry
  • They develop the skills you need
  • They join your team
  • They are motivated and inspire your staff
  • They benefit your bottom line

What types of internships are available?
Maine Career Advantage staff helps each business and student develop a mutually agreeable work and school schedule. Types of internships available:

  • 2-Year Career
  • 1-Year
  • Semester
  • Summer
Invest In Your Future by Investing in Theirs

Maine Career Advantage
Train For Your Future
  • Your business can help train Maine's future workforce
  • You can receive help in developing standards, training plans, and evaluation methods to benefit your existing workforce

Make a Good Hire

  • You gain a productive and affordable team member trained in multiple aspects of your business
  • If you hire the Intern at the completion of the program, you gain known skills and avoid costs of recruitment, training, and integration time usually incurred with a new hire

Maine Career Advantage Is The Direct Employer

  • Businesses are billed monthly by Maine Career Advantage
  • Fee covers administrative costs (i.e., student stipend, payroll administration, workers' compensation, general liability insurance, and tuition support funded through your corporate assessment)

Increase Morale Of Current Employees

  • Increase your employees' motivation through sharing their knowledge with a young learner
  • Promote lifelong learning for all of your employees

Make A Contribution

  • Assist young people in their professional and personal development
  • Strengthen your community enhancing school and business relationships

Maine Career Advantage
Internships offered in....
  • Accounting Services
  • Automotive Technology
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Biotechnology
  • Business Administration
  • Civil Engineering Technology
  • Computer Technology
  • Culinary Arts
  • Drafting Technology
  • Electromechanical Technology
  • Electrical Technology
  • Electronics
  • Facilities Technology
  • Graphics & Printing Technologies
  • Heating Systems Technology
  • Heavy Equipment Technology
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing Systems Technology
  • Metals Industries
  • Multimedia Technology
  • Office Information Technology
For more information, please contact:
Lindsay Porter, Student Services Liaison
941-4872/4874 (fax)

"Maine Career Advantage passes the test of not being a hand out, but rather a hand up in providing knowledge, self esteem, and job experience all at the same time. These students are dedicated and eager to learn the trades that they have chosen. All this at a time when industry as a whole is requiring better trained individuals for entry-level positions."

-James Wiggin
Supervisor of Machine Shop

"Nichols Portland is working with interns in fields where it is difficult to find trained help. Maine Career Advantage enables us to be involved with the training of our future workers. It allows us to teach them real world skills important for their success in our business. It also helps us to stay competitive, both here and abroad."

-Patrick Connell
Process Engineer
Nichols Portland

A Maine Career Advantage Intern....
  • Seeks higher education
  • Wants to explore a career
  • Is an applied learner
  • Has the necessary academic foundation
  • Is mature
Students enrolling in an internship see the value and relevance of continuing their education to enhance their career success. Interns gain confidence and career direction. They are motivated workers who are eager to learn and be productive on the job.

Eligibility requirements: Students must be at least 16 years of age and attending one of Maine's public high schools or technical colleges.

Southern Piscataquis County Chamber of Commerce Key Projects and Actives for 2001
Membership Support Services
  • Issues & Eggs Breakfast Meetings
  • Business Contacts
  • Web site Links '
  • Members Brochure Display
  • Welcome Basket Program
  • How to Recruit and Retain Good Employees Breakfast Meeting

    Public Information Programs

  • Business Referrals Program
  • Relocation information Program
  • School Project Information Packet Program
  • Redesigned Chamber Web Site
  • Regional Colored Brochure
  • Letters to the Editors and Press Releases
  • Appeared on Local Radio Talk Shows
  • Annual Penquis Valley Region Expo

    Economic Development

  • Member of the Piscataquis County Economic Develop Council
  • Member of the Pine Crest Development Corporation
  • CO-Chairmen of the Rural Workforce Entrepreneurs Association

    Tourism Development

  • Member of the Penquis Tourism Coalition Board of Directors
  • Committee Member for the Maine Highlands Color Brochure
  • Member of the Maine Tourism Association
  • Display Booth at the Bangor Travel Show
  • Chamber Vacation Packet Program
  • Chamber Information Center in Dover-Foxcroft

    Special Projects

  • Rally for America
  • Roberts Brother Circus
  • 2002 Snowmobile map
  • Penquis Valley Old Fashion Christmas Parade
  • Booth at the Piscataquis Valley Fair
  • Piscataquis Valley Sled Dog Race
  • Member of the Dover-Foxcroft Homecoming Committee

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